About us

LINK DMT SRL is a limited liability company that has been established in October 2020 by an immigrant shareholder/founder, after 19 years of experience in associations and foundations on local, national, European and international level; freelancing and working in a private sector as an educator, volunteer manager, human resources consultant and NFE and e-learning architect.

LINK DMT SRL is specialised in formal and non-formal education programmes and respective methods/methodology development; e-learning development; organisational and project management related to digital and social enterprises; as well as awareness campaigns and content marketing. Our relevant experience and expertise include: consultancy, guidance and operational assistance to both private companies, education institutions and the public sector in the fields of corporate policy, strategy, planning, organisation, efficiency and control, development and restructuring; as well as development of educational programmes, both for NGOs/private companies, formal education sector and for the public administration.

LINK DMT currently has two full-time employees and two part-time associates.

As a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, LINK DMT cooperates with several local associations and foundations dealing with beneficiaries with disabilities and other fewer opportunities. Within this CSR programme of LINK DMT, they organise free education and consultancy for beneficiaries with disabilities mainly on the topics of social and digital entrepreneurship of theirs.