What do we offer?

LINK DMT SRL works on following scopes of activities:

  • Consultancy, guidance and operational assistance to private companies and the public sector; management consultancy: corporate policy and strategy and planning, organization, efficiency and control, information management, business development and restructuring;
  • Assistance relating to the drafting, editing and planning of educational programmes, both for NGOs / private companies and for the public administration;
  • Marketing management consultancy: analysis and formulation of a marketing strategy, formulations of policies on customer service, pricing, advertising and distribution channels, design;
  • Human resource management consultancy: policies, practices and procedures in the field of human resources; recruitment, compensation, benefits, performance measurement and evaluation;
  • Consultancy on production management: improvement of production procedures and systems, automation of the production process, safety, surveillance and protection of plants;
  • The management, creation and organization, on its own and on behalf of third parties, of online courses, websites and internet and mobile services;
  • The study, design and implementation of communication, marketing and multimedia advertising campaigns for public and private entities both externally and internally, improving and innovating the identity, strategies, communication, services, products and processes;
  • Staff training in all forms permitted by law: organization, holding, coordination of seminars, symposia, meetings, collective and individual plans and courses, staff training in the field of education, information technology and communication; strategic and non-strategic business consultancy in all its forms and types.